I am not taking any new clients for boarding.  I am still serving my existing clients.







Daily Rate of $25 per day.


Dogs requiring special care may be charged an additional fee. All fees will be discussed and agreed upon prior to boarding.

Additional boarding fees may apply, please see below.


Dogs are boarded in individual indoor kennels. The kennel is heated in the winter and temperature controlled in the summer months to provide for a comfortable atmosphere for your pet.

The individual kennels are separated by concrete block walls approximately 5 feet tall.  Above the block walls, the kennels are separated by hardwood panels to allow for air circulation. This provides a safe barrier between your pet and other dogs being boarded and reduces the likelihood of your dog being injured by another dog as well as reducing the likelihood of your dog contracting a communicable disease or illness. Kennels with only chain link fencing between stalls tends to create "fence fighting" between dogs and also provides no barrier to disease or parasites.

Our kennel stalls are cleaned and disinfected as needed while your pet is here, and they are completely cleaned and disinfected before your pet arrives for his or her stay. We provide bedding for your dog while here. Please do not bring dog beds from home as they typically are too large for the kennels and may be a source for communicating parasites. Our dog beds are cleaned and disinfected prior to your dog arriving. We do suggest that you bring a freshly laundered blanket or towel from home that has your scent. This will make your dog more relaxed during their stay. You may also bring a favorite toy for your dog. Please clearly mark your pet's name on any toy left at Von Woden Kennels. We will not be liable for lost or destroyed toys.

We are not a doggie day care center and we do not subscribe to the philosophy of allowing boarded dogs to freely run around together unless those dogs are from the same household.

WE WILL NOT REJECT a dog from boarding based on his/her inability to socialize with other dogs. I specialize in difficult dogs.

Daily walks with your pet are available for an additional charge of $5 per day.

All dogs will have at least two half-hour sessions in our large outdoor runs each day to provide time for them to run and play. We have 7 large outdoor runs as well as a few smaller runs for smaller dogs.


You should plan to bring sufficient food for your dog, clearly labeled with your dog's name, for the length of time your pet will be boarded with us. Alternately, we can provide a quality food for your pet for $3 per day.We will provide stainless steel water and feeding bowls, so please not bring bowls for your pet.


All dogs are required to have all vaccinations up to date prior to boarding.


Required vaccinations :



Bordetella (Kennel Cough).


We require that you have your pet vaccinated for kennel cough at least two weeks prior to boarding.


Written documentation from your veterinarian is required as proof for all vaccinations.


All dogs must be free of fleas and ticks. If your dog is found to be infested with fleas or ticks, they will be treated and you will be charged for that treatment. Please have your pet on flea/tick medication at least two weeks prior to boarding.