This page contains information on my dogs used for breeding. 

Yaran vom Salztalblick (Call name Thor)

Yaran vom Salztalblick call name Thor

Yaran vom Salztalblick call name Thor

Yaran vom Salztalblick  -  DOB 01/30/2014

PennHip Score 80th Percentile.  PennHip Reference #

DM - N/N - Clear

SV Registration # SZ 2300937

AKC Registration # DN49574101

DNA Profile: Pending

Father of L, M & N Litter


Justice van het Basjes Huis

Justice Van Het Basjes Huis

Justice  van het Basjes Huis  --  DOB 09/08/2010

PennHip 60th Percentile.  PennHip Reference # 909026

L.O.S.H. Registration # 1084872    

AKC Registration # DN35567101

DNA Profile: V685703

Father of E, F, J & O litter


Freyja von Woden

Freyja von Woden

Freyja von Woden

Freyja von Woden - DOB 12/02/2013

PennHip Score 90th Percentile.  

PennHip Reference #

AKC Registration # DN38295224

DNA Profile:  V800145

Mother of K , M & N Litter


Matylda z údolí Úpy


Maty (Matylda) is a new female I imported in 2017 from Czech Republic.  She has fantastic bloodlines.  I'm super excited to have her.  This picture was taken in November 2017 when she turned 11 months old.

Matylda z údolí Úpy - DOB 12-16-2016

PennHip Score - 90th Percentile  

PennHip Reference # 113742

AKC Registration # DN49574001

DNA Profile:  Pending


Godea od Janice (Call name Twist)

Twist (Godea of Janice)

Twist (Godea of Janice)

Godea od Janice - DOB 06/04/2016

PennHip Score -  DI Right 0.32 Left 0.27

PennHip Reference # 108273

CMKU Registration #  DS103621/16

AKC Registration # DN52254201

DNA Profile:  V844361


Mother of "O" Litter


K-Ten Von Woden


K-Ten Von Woden - DOB April 30, 2016

AKC Registration # DN

DNA Profile:  Pending


Mother of "S" Litter

Danilo Ad-Gur - Retired

Danilo Ad-Gur (Call Name Drago)  --  DOB 08/12/2009

PennHip Score 70th Percentile.  PennHip Reference # 893368

SUCHNO Registration #60120    

AKC Registration # DN29604501

DNA Profile:  V628822

Father of A, B, D, H,I and K Litter


Roots Du Lac William

Roots Du Lac William, SCHIII is owned by Paul Dethyse and was used as a stud dog with Racke.

Roots Du Lac William  SCH III  --  DOB 01/24/2005

CKC # RA032465  (Canada)  

OWNER:  Paul Dethyse, Canada

Father of C Litter


Racke von Lunsholz - Retired


Racke Von Lunsholz - DOB 03/14/2009 - 08/21/2017

(Died as a result of complications after surgery.) 

PennHip score 80th Percentile.  PennHip Reference #887554

SV Registration #2234558  

AKC Registration #DN29998601

DNA Profile:  V628821

Mother of A, C, E, F, J and L litters.



Inca Van Het Pecawoud (Call name Jazz) - Retired

 Inca van het Pecawoud (Call name Jazz)  - DOB 07/28/2009

PennHip Score 40th Percentile.  PennHip Reference #890258

L.O.S.H. Registration # 1064014  

AKC Registration #DN31636601

DNA Profile:  V645342

Mother of B, D and H Litter.



Jetta Van Het Basjes Huis - Retired

Jetta van het Basjes Huis  -  DOB 09/08/2010

PennHip Score 90th Percentile.  PennHip Reference #901159

L.O.S.H. Registration # 1084875    

AKC Registration # DN35567102

DNA Profile:  V685701

Mother of G & I Litter

Unfortunately Jetta was exposed to Lyme's Disease which has led to her retirement.